Viktoria Ramushkevich was born in Kobrin, Belarus. She graduated from Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V. Surikov.
She currently lives in Berlin. She works in the direction of social postmodernism. The main themes of Victoria’s works both in painting and in video art
are-the problems of the society facing globalization.
“I was born into a family of artists, but as often happens, I decided to choose another path: I choose the field of economics and built a career.
A long trip to Peru in 2014, rituals with Ayahuasca in A local shamanic tribe and people I met there radically turned my worldview, pushed me to rethink my own values and to try new ways of development. That’s how I entered the art institute and started a new life.
Now I am actively involved in the political agenda and I stand for freedom and human rights in my Homeland”.

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