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Berlin. The Potsdamer Platz.
Many thanks to Hans Martin Fleischer for giving us the opportunity to paint a fragment of the Berlin wall in the colors of the Belarusian flag.

Berlin. Marzahn. Russian LGBT pride. Freedom. Love. Equality.
(LGBT representatives in Russia do not feel safe, mostly because of state policy. )

Belarus is my motherland!
Presidential elections were held in Belarus on August 9. The strongest candidates were imprisoned before the election. The elections were held with numerous violations, after which mass protests began across the country.
Lukashenka has ruled the country for 26 years.
Solidarity actions with Belarus are held all over the world.

Berlin. Friedrichstrasse.
A busy crossroad. I stand with a picture 1×1 meter. I show it to passersby. Smiles, car signals, selfies, phrases. I see people’s honest reaction to my art. Energy flow. Awesome!