Da die Körper mancher sowjetischmodifiziert sind, ist eine offene Tatsache. Stellen diejenige Körper eine Gefahr für die Umwelt und das allgemeine Klima dar? Gehört das Sowjetische recycelt? Ob Vergangenheit, wie traumatisch blendend sie auch gewesen mag, sich ins Fashion konvertieren lässt, erfahren wir selbst in der Ausstellung junger in Berlin lebender belarusischen Künstlerin Viktoria Ramushkevich. Ist das Sowjetischmodifizierte überhaupt wiederverwendbar?

SMO - Soviet Modified Organism by Viktoria Ramushkevich

The SMO – Soviet Modified Organism exhibition introduces to the Berlin audience the artistic research of the Belarusian artist Viktoria Ramushkevich, who has been involved for years on social issues concerning her country of origin.

Born into a family of artists, the artist expresses her need for communication through the exhibition of paintings and videos that reflect Russian society, highlight on how sustainable fashion is or not in Russia.

His figures move dynamically in space, within strongly chiaroscuro scenarios. The subjects are taken from the daily life of Viktoria Ramushkevich, they are the main character of her representations and reflect a varied and embraced contemporary society.

The characters are created through pasty coatings of color that connote them with a veil of melancholy, as if he wanted to reveal every story that the subject would have to tell. There are naked and fashionable dresses bodies, runway poses, fashion catalogs posed, but also intimate moments, moments of reflection and introspection.

The references to recycling is evident in some canvases in which we find a symbol or a label, because despite the emotion that the artist wants to communicate to us through his works, his research on problems that society is forced to face in the face of globalization always emerges.

                                                                                                                        Text by Alice Ioffrida